The state of California has recently challenged companies doing business in California to join its effort to identify and eliminate slavery and human trafficking in supply chains. In line with this effort, we as a company are posting our Global Sourcing and Operational Guidelines to state publicly the following ways we ensure that no slavery or egregious labor practices exist within our product supply chains. Manhattan Beachwear has used these guidelines to make responsible sourcing decisions and they are the cornerstone of our business relationship with contractors worldwide.

1)      We require our suppliers to provide details regarding their supply chains that may indicate a risk of slavery or egregious practices. We utilize independent 3rd party investigators to assess the risks and business and audit their compliance to our sourcing guidelines.

2)      Although, based on current information, our supply chain is unlikely to incorporate slavery or egregious labor practices, if serious risks are identified, we will immediately request our third party investigators to conduct an audit.

3)      As we place new orders, we will be requiring our suppliers to provide certification that the materials incorporated into the product comply with all applicable laws regarding slavery or egregious labor practices in the country or countries in which those supplies are doing business.

4)      Our company policies require our personnel to operate in accordance with applicable laws and to report any violations of laws by our supplies and others of which they become aware. Accordingly, we have internal accountability standards and procedures in place in the event of any instances of egregious labor practices.

5)      Company employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management will be trained with regard to maintaining risks of slavery or egregious labor practices.

Manhattan Beachwear, Inc. commitment to responsible business practices guides our decisions and behavior as a company everywhere we do business.

It is our goal that our efforts and those of other manufacturers and retailers will have the intended effect of minimizing the human trafficking, slavery or egregious labor practices in our supply chains.